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David Graybosch 203-922-3911

Assessor’s Assistant

Dayna Casubolo 203-922-3949

The primary function of the Assessor’s office to compile a grand list annually valuing real estate, personal property and motor vehicles in a fair and equitable manner, while adhering to the requirements set forth in the Connecticut General Statutes.

The duty of the Assessor is to discover, list, and value all property subject to taxation.

Real Estate is reviewed annually for any changes that occur between grand list years and what exists on October 1st.  Revaluation is completed every five (5) years and recalculates value based on current fair market transfers.

Business Personal Property is valued annually based on the filing of the declaration by persons or entities conducting business in the City of Ansonia.

Motor Vehicles are valued annually based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle using the NADA pricing guide.  Connecticut State Statute 12-71c(b) states application for an adjustment must be made no later than the December 31st, which falls 27 months after the assessment year.

The Assessor’s office administers state and local programs of tax relief, apply exemption as permitted by state law, and assist the public with a variety of inquiries.

Governor Lamont Executive Order for Real Estate Tax Relief letter to homeowners dated 4/15/20.  

Renter Rebate Program Notice 4/21/20

Business Personal Property

Motor Vehicles





Pursuant to Section 12-40 of Connecticut General Statutes, notice is hereby given that all persons conducting business in the City of Ansonia must file with the Assessor’s Office a complete and accurate declaration of all personal property used in the conduct of that business as of October 1st of this year.  Such declaration must be filed no later than November 1st annually.  Declarations filed after the due date are subject to a twenty-five percent (25%) penalty.  Language such as “same as last year”, “no change”, or blank declarations will be estimated and penalized.

Personal Property that must be listed on the Declaration includes (but is not limited to): all types of office furniture and fixtures, all industrial machinery and equipment, computers and other electronic data processing equipment (such as photocopiers, telephone systems, fax machines, etc.), farm machinery, tools and equipment, unregistered motor vehicles or vehicles registered out of state, off-road vehicles (i.e. construction equipment), carpenter tools and equipment (including ladders, compressors, etc.), signs, leased equipment (including dumpsters, gas/propane tanks, vending machines, video machines, water coolers, coffee machines, computers, display stands or cases, display coolers, cash registers, ATM’s, telephones and telephone systems, postage machines, security systems, etc.), leasehold improvements, solar panels and equipment, billboards, cell towers, pumps, tanks, warehouse shelving, cages, fencing, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 253 Main Street, Ansonia, CT  06401 or call (203) 736-5950 or fax (203) 736-5959.

The Personal Property Declaration is available on the City of Ansonia website:


Valuation of motor vehicles is done annually based on the National Automotive Dealer Association Guides, as required.

If a vehicle has been disposed, please see MV Forms of Proof

If you feel the value is incorrect, you may appeal the value to the Ansonia Board of Assessment Appeals. The Board meets in September annually to hear motor vehicle appeals.

Real Estate

 Real Estate is land, buildings, and outbuildings. Periodically real estate will be reviewed to verify the accuracy of the Assessor’s database to ensure all taxable property is recorded and taxed appropriately and accordingly to State Statute.

2019 Income Expense Report

M-3 Tax Exempt Organization

If you feel your property record is incorrect, please contact the Assessor to set up an appointment for inspection.



MV Forms of Proof

CT DMV Site 

BAA Form



The City of Ansonia offers various types of exemption programs.