11/5/2013 - Election Day information: Where to vote; sample ballots; questions on ballot.

Sample Ballots (click here)
(the ward number for each of seven, is in the upper right corner; the back page is the same for all and is the last page of this document)

This November 5, voters will be presented with ten questions on the ballot:

Click here for Bond questions 1-6

Click here for Charter Revision questions 7-10

Where do I vote? - lookup link
(The fifth ward, normally at Fountain Hose, will be voting at Ansonia Middle School.)


If you know your ward:

Ward 1: St. Anthony’s Church, 199 N. Main St.

 Ward 2: First Congregational Church, 44 S. Cliff St.

 Ward 3: Holy Rosary Church, 3 Father Salemi Drive

 Ward 4: Ansonia Middle School, 115 Howard Ave.

 Ward 5: Ansonia Middle School, 115 Howard Ave.

 Ward 6: Prendergast School, 59 Finney St.

 Ward 7: Mead School, 75 Ford St.